Morocco 2005

A Family holiday so not a gallery stuffed full of the Moroccan specialities, but some decent images of birding at the coast.

image Click picture for close up

Bald Ibis

Bald Ibis Preening


Bald Ibis Flying


Bald Ibis 2

Bald Ibis 3


Bald Ibis 4


Bald Ibis 5

Southern Grey Shrike 3


Southern Grey Shrike 2


Southern Grey Shrike

Southern Grey Shrike Head


Moussier's Redstart 3


Moussiers Redstart 2

Moussier's Redstart


Moussier's Redstart Female


Sardinian Warbler

Black-eared Wheatear


Pied Flycatcher


Zitting Cisticola

Common Bulbul


Marbled Duck



Black-necked Grebe


Spotless Starling


"Moroccan Wagtail"

"Iberian Wagtail"


Yellow Wagtail


Curlew Sandpiper

Thekla Lark


Stone Curlew


Stone Curlew 2

Greater Flamingo


Flamingo juv


"Moroccan Magpie"

Audouin's Gull flight


Audouin's Gull 2W


Audouin's Gull